Asnis® Micro Xpress

Ready when you are. Always.

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Asnis Micro Xpress is a sterile instrument solution for small, headed cannulated screws.  It is designed to help you:  

  • Improve efficiency: Reduce OR setup time and eliminate instrument cleanup1
  • Reduce cost: No sterilization (SPD) required
  • Manage inventory:  Ideal for facilities where storage space is a concern
  • Implant with confidence: Trust that you will have sterilized instrumentation, ready to go when you need it.


This video shows an animation for fixation of a chevron osteotomy using Asnis Micro Xpress sterile instrumentation.



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1. Siegel, Geoffrey, MD, et. al. Cost analysis and surgical site infection rates in total knee arthroplasty comparing traditional vs. single-use instrumentation. The Journal of Arthroplasty 30 (2015) 2271-2274

AS-AWI-1, 09-2016


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