Arthroereisis Implant


The SubFix arthroereisis implant is available in a complete spectrum of sizes and colors. Instrumentation includes the unique delivery driver with stab and grab implant handling to help simplify insertion. The 2.0mm CoCr Implant Rod is stiffer than traditional stainless guide wires. 

  • Manufactured from medical grade titanium
  • Conical anatomically conforming tapered shape
  • Fine medical threads for soft-tissue fixation
  • Wide oval channels for soft-tissue growth


SubFix Arthroeresis implant animation
The SubFix Arthroeresis Implant is designed to treat the hyperpronated foot and stabilize the subtalar joint. The SubFix Arthroeresis Implant is intended to block forward, downward and medial displacement of the talus, thus blocking excessive pronation and the resulting sequela.





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